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The original Town of Blacksburg was laid out in a grid, on land that was donated by William Black, for whom the Town is named. Five streets running NE to SW cross five other streets running NW to SE.  Each square or block was then divided into four equal lots, creating a total of 64 building lots in the original Town layout. This plan created the “16 Squares” that we refer to today.

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In most cases when buyers of the lots built their homes, they placed the house at the corner of the streets, and then used the land behind their house for farming and animals.  You can still see that pattern in some of the blocks, where the oldest houses are on the corners, and the houses in between were added later as the lots were sub-divided.

Re-Build As An Artist 1



In this research project, I am responsible for modeling, texturing, 3D printing, photography, presenting and leading the 3D team. Started with a filed trip with camera to get a better understanding of style, color, scale, and other information. I also took photos as references for future uses when modeling and texturing.

Re-Build As An Artist 2


I used Maya for modeling those beautiful churches and I enjoyed the process which relaxed me a lot. Trying to keep the building simple but with details as well. After UV maping, it's time for texturing and the photos I took helped a lot. Couldn't wait to see the test renders and I used Mental Ray in Maya for rendering.

Exhibition in National Museum of American History

ACCelerate festival  


We got invited to present our work at the ACCelerate festival in National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution from Oct 13, 2017 to Oct 15, 2017. We are doing projection mapping on to the 3D printed 16 squares grid with an animation visually explaining the project. 

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Bottom left shows a video created by Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation talking about the historic 16 squares of Blacksburg. You can get a better understanding of the area we talked about. And Bottom right shows a video about our project at Greece Presentation 2015 to FORUM 8 Conference.

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