Circles in a circle

Circles in a circle

bringing 2D painting into 3D animation


This is a series project focused on bringing 2D paintings into 3D animations and this one is the 1st try. I am choosing Kandinsky's Circles in a circle because geometric abstraction is a great choice for studying turning 2D into 3D. In this work, a thick black circle surrounds 26 overlapping circles of varying sizes and colors, many of them intersected by straight black lines, and two green and yellow strokes crosses each other from corner to corner. These lines, circles, colors, shapes and composition can represent so many feelings and emotions, but could also be abstract and nonrepresentational. I was responsible for everything includes concept, modeling, texturing, animation and rendering.

Animation breakdown

1. The canvas rising as a base

2. The two crossing strokes rising as two paths

3. The main circle in the intersection area rising as a cylinder

4. The lines spining with the main cylinder and gaining scale as a line-net structure

5. The other circles rising as groups of architectural shapes

6. The camera zooming into the structure from top and fading into the “Circles in a circle”   

2017. 10

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