Fun Exploring

As a digital artist, there is always new stuff for you to learn everyday, and actually it is so much fun when you dig into some tools or techniques. The sense of achievement will satisfy you when you get something done!

Hair Shader



Inspired by artist Lee Griggs' Xgen render, I used hair system in Cinema4D to create stylized landscape; and also designed a demo logo animation for my School of Visual Art.




I always think about the connection between still image and animation, it's surprising that you can find some beautiful moment within an animation. This is one example I made when I playing with abstract animation. 

Motion Drop



Playing with motion drop in Cinema4D and trying to do a music visualization, I found this is another way we can do music visualization and it is pretty interesting as well.

Title and More



You can spend 1 or 2 hours everyday in a 3D software digging into one tool or effect, and push it into a artwork. Playing with motion title; Using Cloner tool to quick create a tunnel for future use; Or... 

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