Emergence—video game design

This is a group project I was working on with 4 other teammates to develope a "first person shooting tower defence" game called Emergence within 4 month. I was mainly working on defence tower design and TD game play.

Early Sketches



Based on our game story background, I'd like to design some defence towers. Ideas might be changed with process going.

Tower Types



Our game story says that towers are functioned as protecting  reactor core. And I developed 3 basic types of defence towers.

Tower Upgrade



Trying to add a tower upgrading system and make game more interesting. More tower modeling within limited time. Kept developing ideas.

Texture maps



These are examples of texture maps for the defence towers I made. After modeling, I UV-unwrapped them and brought the uv-snapshots into photoshop for  texture paint.

Tower Family



These are my finalized defence towers collection which going to be used in our video game.

Also added some idle animations and scifi glow effects for towers.

Build In Unity



I also worked on game play for our video game, which is not as easy as setting an exploring game. I used a TD Toolkit in Unity to help me achieve my goal. It required a lot of testing and learning in order to make the game functional.

Demo Play



This was the demo play of the "tower defence" part of our game after my testing. After this, I could build the same system in our game enviroment to achieve our FPSTD game.

Game Play



This is a screenshot of our actual game play. Yeah!!!

Overall, it is a playable game I think, and this is my first time working on a video game design.Thanks to all teammates!




We have assigned a day for public testing. We were looking forward to others' feedbacks and comments. For sure, there are still lots of things required fixing and tweaking.Overall, We were proud of what we did.

Video of Demo Play



This is a video of demo play and function test I recorded when I was working. I was testing tower building and upgrading system.

Video of Public Playing



This is one of the videos I recorded at the day our game open for public testing.  

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