In a Room

In a Room

Photogrammetry and retopology


This is a contracted research project working for a social network company (confidentiality). Basically, our team is required to re-create a photo-real virtual environment based on existing physical environment. One of the task here is rebuilding a room and rebuild all the objects inside the room. The pipeline we developed was: scan the room, photogrammetry each object, retopology each object, re-texture each object. I was responsible for photogrammetry, mesh cleaning up, mesh retopology, texturing and shading. I used Agisoft photoscan for photogrammetry, Zbrush for retopology, Autodesk Maya for mesh cleaning up and shading, Quixel for material texturing, RenderMan for rendering, and Unity for demonstration.

Photo of "flying pig" object

Retopoed and cleaned up mesh

3D visualized "flying pig" result

Painted photo-real metal material

Combined diffuse map

Fixed normal map

Baked specular map

Photo of comfy chair

3D visualized comfy chair result

Photo of couch

3D visualized couch result

Photo of robot toy

3D visualized robot toy result

Photo of twin drum

3D visualized twin drum result

2017. 7

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